Dr. Barry McCarthy

The Society of Australian Sexologists Ltd is excited to present two workshops by Dr. Barry McCarthy


As a leading expert in his field, Dr McCarthy has presented over 350 workshops around the world, published over 100 professional articles, 26 book chapters, and co-authored 14 books, including;

  • Rekindling Desire (3rd. edition)
  • Enhancing Couple Sexuality: Creating an Intimate and Erotic Bond
  • Finding Your Sexual Voice: Celebrating Female Sexuality
  • Sex Made Simple
  • Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy for Sexual Dysfunction
  • Sexual Awareness (5th edition)
  • Therapy with Men After Sixty


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Barry Flyer

Here's what Dr. McCarthy had to say about this workshop:

Traditionally, clinicians approach treatment of affairs in a simplistic manner which results in giving the affair more power than it deserves. Rather than a model of an affair as a symptom of a relationship problem, this workshop provides you skills in understanding, assessing, and treating affairs through a whole new lens.

Affairs are multi-causal, multi-dimensional, with a range of individual, couple, cultural, and value differences. Successful treatment requires you to carefully assess (rather than assume) the causes and meanings of the affair from the perspective of the involved and injured partners. This assessment process leads to more successful clinical outcomes.

With this training, you will be prepared to help the couple make a “wise decision” about whether to recommit to a satisfying, secure, and sexual marriage or move toward a good divorce. You can help couples create a healthier intimate and sexual bond. Specifically, they develop a new couple sexual style focused on desire/pleasure/eroticism/satisfaction. An integral component of comprehensive treatment is to develop an individualized relapse prevention plan.

This workshop will explore treatment with married couples, partnered couples, gay couples, and lesbian couples. In addition, we will explore the role and meaning of couples who choose consensual non-monogamy

Stop giving the affair more power than it deserves and gain a comprehensive understanding of how to effectively treat affairs.