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Sexuality Educator Specialisation

Sexuality Educators are specifically trained in sexuality topics and the delivery and facilitation of sensitive material which might be challenging for participants. It is particularly important that this work is trauma-informed and inclusive.

Sexuality education is instruction and/or facilitation of learning on issues relating to human sexuality, including emotional relations and responsibilities, protective behaviours, human sexual anatomy, sexual development, pleasure, sexual activity, sexual reproduction, consent, reproductive health, reproductive rights, safer sex, pornography, identity, and media - just to name a few! Sexuality education that covers all of these aspects is known as comprehensive sexuality education. Common avenues for this education might be to individuals, groups, or organisations such as parents or caregivers, school programs, and public health campaigns.

Accredited Sexuality Educators are required to have completed a minimum number of hours of facilitation along with ongoing mentorship to ensure best practice.

Although teachers, health promotion and healthcare specialists may receive specific training for their profession, to be a sexuality educator you will need to have had training in applying sexological concepts in an education context.  This training needs to include topics/skills in the following areas:

  • Communication skills for training in a sexological context
  • Professional practice issues in child-focused and adult-focused education methods and principles
  • Promoting inclusion and sex positivity as foundational to the acquisition of sexual knowledge and skills
  • Understanding healthy sexual development across the lifespan using an ecological model
  • Navigate cultural and ethical issues in practice
  • Curriculum development based on current evidence in both sexuality and education

It is possible for some of these topic areas to be covered in generalist professional training (teaching, ethics, gender studies, nursing, public health). There is a requirement for training in these areas in sexuality education.

Please note: General members of SAS who have not pursued accreditation as a Sexuality Educator cannot use this title.

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