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SAS CPD Endorsement & Quality Assurance Process

Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Activities

CPD Endorsement is a Quality Assurance process whereby CPD activities are assessed and endorsed against a set of quality criteria.  The purpose of endorsing CPD activities is to:

    • Provide quality assurance to Sexologists, Psychosexual Therapists and Sexuality Educators by applying minimum Quality Standards to endorsed CPD activities
    • Provide Sexologists Psychosexual Therapists and Sexuality Educators, guidance as to which activities might be appropriate for their professional development needs, by advertising endorsed activities in a standardised template that outlines target audience, presenter credentials, activity rating, and learning outcomes
    • Promote and encourage ongoing commitment to sexology and the accreditation pathways for Psychosexual Therapists and Sexuality Educators professional standards

Please read the SAS CPD Endorsement Guidelines, making sure that your proposed activity meets the criteria and Quality Standards before proceeding.


Endorsement application process

1. Apply for the endorsement for your activity by completing the application form below and emailing to the National Accreditation Officer. 

    • It is the responsibility of the applicant to gather all information requested by the form in order for their application to be processed. 
    • Allow 6-8 weeks for your application to be processed. 
    • The SAS Endorsement logo must not be used to advertise your CPD activity during the application process.

2. If successful, you will receive an endorsement registration number from SAS. At this time:

    • You will receive the SAS Endorsed logo for use on all advertising for your activity
    • Your activity will be added to the Education Calendar of the SAS website.

3.  During and immediately after your activity:

    • Provide feedback forms to attendees.  SAS Activity Feedback forms are available on request if required.
    • Take a record of attendance.  Maintain a record of successful attendees for two years after the activity.
    • Issue written evidence of completion to each successful participant.  

Administration Fees

Individual one-off activity

4 or more activities

Not for Profit sector
(where activity is offered at no cost to SAS members e.g. clinical education or small-scale/in-house SAS meetings)

SAS Accredited Higher Education Provider

No charge

No charge

Individual Training Provider



Individual Training Provider

Other Academic Study Programs

Not for Profit sector
(where learners pay a fee to attend)



All other providers
(including  non-SAS Accredited Higher Education Provider)



Applications for endorsement will attract an administration fee as outlined in the table below. 

Please note that this fee is to cover administrative costs, and is not a guarantee of successful endorsement.  Refunds will not be provided if your activity receives and unsuccessful assessment.

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