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SAS Media Guidelines for Reporting on Sexuality Related Topics

The Society of Australian Sexologists (SAS) Media Guidelines for Reporting on Sexuality and Diversity aim to provide media outlets with a framework for responsible, inclusive, and respectful reporting on topics related to sexuality. These guidelines emphasise the importance of placing stories in context, ensuring accuracy and balance, and using respectful language. Furthermore, they stress the principles that any sexual practice that is consensual and legal should not be stigmatised. When reporting on sexual violence, special care must be taken to consider the survivor's privacy and utilise survivor-focused language, avoiding victim blaming.

Intersex Human Rights MBody, MChoice

The Society calls for the end to unnecessary medical procedures on intersex people to modify their sex characteristics without their consent. 

SAS Pledge supporting Intersex Rights- My Body, My Choice

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Universal Access to Reproductive Healthcare
The Society affirms that all people should have access to safe abortion services and access to information about and provision of affordable contraception.

SAS Position Statement on Universal Access to Reproductive Healthcare

SAS Submission to Universal Access Inquiry

Submissions to the Religious Discrimination Bills – second exposure drafts consultation

The Society does not support laws that grant legal permission for some people to discriminate against others. The privileging of religious views over the human rights of all Australians, including the rights of those most vulnerable in our society,is likely to result in the violation of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

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Conversion Therapy

The Society of Australian Sexologists Ltd (SAS) strongly opposes any practices based on the inaccurate belief that sexual orientation is a disorder to be treated.

Joint Statement in Support of LGBTI Inclusion in the 2021 Census (October, 2019)


The Noongar Boodja Statement on Closing the Gap on STI's & BBV's Among Indigenous Peoples of Australasia (2019)


SASQLD Letter of Support for the decriminalisation of sex work


The Society of Australian Sexologists Ltd (SAS) represents health and allied health professionals working in the area of sex therapy, sexuality education, sexual health and sexology.

Code of Ethics and Practice

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