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Working with Non-Monogamy

  • 15 Feb 2023
  • 7:30 PM (AEDT)
  • Online

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Start 2023 with this introduction to Non-monogamy webinar and join SAS NSW and Arlyn Owens for this online professional development opportunity.  

Non-Monogamy is certainly not new, but is experiencing a resurgence in our modern paradigm, as the sex-positive movement expands into social consciousness. People are becoming curious, starting to question traditional sexual & relational norms, and reflecting on what they want from sex & relationships. Many therapists are experiencing an influx of clients seeking NonMonogamy-informed and affirming mental health care, especially in areas such as sex & relationship therapy.

As we see regularly in sexology, we have populations raised on multiple normative values, with monogamy & the nuclear family held up as the cornerstone of society (even in therapy settings). This structural norm tends to go unexamined on a societal level. However, the non-monogamous community have historically developed their own theory, in service of deconstructing mono-normativity.

Unfortunately, without trial & error (and an abundance of reading) our clients may not have sufficient social scripts or supports to draw upon. This workshop will provide some starting points and concepts, to assist therapists and educators in supporting clients to create safe, rewarding & meaningful lives as non-monogamous (or polycurious) people.

About Arlyn Owens: