Media Commentary and Expertise

The Society of Australian Sexologists Ltd can provide expertise knowledge in a number of areas related to psychosexual therapy, sexuality education and sexology. Key areas of expertise are listed below. (N.B. this list is not exhaustive, please contact one of media representatives listed. They will be able to assist you with the best person to contact).

Many of the society’s members have experience in working with journalists and producers of print, online, television, radio and documentary films.

Contact with Clients

The Society is often called on to arrange media meetings with past or current clients and their therapists.

Our accredited members provide professional services to people who may be vulnerable. Our members’ work is sensitive and at all confidential. We cannot, therefore, provide a service to the media to contact current or past clients of our members. We are happy to provide comment on current issues and to arrange contact with appropriate professionals.

Potential topics of interest to the media:
  • Sexology
  • Sex therapy/psychosexual therapy/sex counselling
  • Sex education/sexuality education
  • Sex and porn addictions
  • Compulsive sexual behaviours
  • Male sexual dysfunctions
  • Female sexual dysfunctions
  • Kink and fetishes

Media Contacts
Dr. Christopher Fox (VIC)
Immediate Past Chair
0438 422 759